To bake wheat-free desserts that will delight the growing diet-restricted population!

  Made with love from premium local and organic ingredients,

 Gina's Pies desserts are so good,  you won’t believe they're gluten free!

February 2019: It's a new year, and a new transition for Gina's Pies!  Owner Gina Faber and Amy Fredericks of Harvest Symphony bakery, have joined our energies and recipes together.  


Gina's Pies are now available to the public through the expanded ChefScape Leesburg kitchens and distribution channels of Harvest Symphony!   Fortunately, customers win:  you still have access to ordering through the GinasPies.com website,  plus you'll be able to purchase fresh Gina's Pies products at Harvest Symphony's Leesburg location!  Also,  your gourmet gluten-free products menu will expand to include Harvest Symphony's famous granola-ahh, donuts and other confections!

September 2018: We didn't think that we were all that picky,  but I can guarantee that our real estate agent would attest to that fact.  We found the Lovettsville house after scouting the Western Loudoun real estate listings for 2 years.   Our new home had full Southern window exposure,  a nice large backyard, was in a lovely rural neighborhood, and.... had a lovely gourmet kitchen!   


In July,  we closed on the purchase;  in August, we moved our household.   But it wasn't until mid-September that Lovettsville became the new home of Gina's Pies bakery.   Over one weekend in mid-September,  Gina and Amanda packed up the kitchen in Round Hill,  moved everything over in 2 trips with a pickup truck and an SUV.   2 days later,  the Lovettsville kitchen of Gina's Pies was certified open for business by Virginia Department of Consumer and Agricultural Services (VDACS).

Well into our 3rd year of production,  Gina's Pies continues to provide gourmet gluten free desserts to retail and wholesale customers in the greater Loudoun VA region.   From our new facility near the Blue Ridge,  we draw our inspiration to continue to serve you the tastiest  locally-sourced pastries we can make.   Love in a crust!

May 2017:  It's the night before my first Farmer's Market.   I'm in a baking frenzy,  having just that morning delivered freshly baked desserts to 3 local restaurants,   A loud buzz and a bright flare come from our oven: a portion of the lower element is throwing sparks like a firecracker! I've got  50 tarts cooking in the oven and 6 chocolate breads ready to go in,  and my oven has just croacked!

I collect my wits,  all the tart pans,  the bread batter and pans and head to the Morris family home, where their 2 ovens are put to use.   By 12:30, all the baking is done,  and the labelling begins.    Though market day dawned wet and chilly, Clarke County patrons came to market in good numbers on opening day,  and I sold ALL the inventory! By the next evening,  husband Joe has secured a replacement element for the oven and I'm back in business.  

No business survives without depending on friends, family and community support.   Thank you. 

January 2017:  The chef at a prominent local bistro gathered key house and wait staff to sample the new dessert he was planning to feature that weekend.   They seemed to enjoy their bourbon maple pecan pie and dark chocolate bread as the baker described the local and organic ingredients used to make them.   Yum.  This is delicious.  Can I get another piece?

...then the baker informed them that the goodies they were enjoying were gluten-free.   The look of disbelief on their faces betrayed their surprise:  could a dessert as yummy as this be in the same category as the cardboard-ish gluten-free products normally purveyed to GF customers?   The answer is YES!

Since then,  customers have been ordering Gina's Pies at Magnolias at the Mill in Purcellville VA whenever it is featured on the specials menu.   Like many customers who have enjoyed Gina's Pies desserts,  these patrons, many of them without diet restrictions, come back for more of the homemade goodness and love baked into every flaky bite of wheat-free pie.

November 2016:  Gina set up her little table inside the locally-owned coffee shop just in time for the customers to start coming in for their morning cuppa Joe.  Many sad customers looked longingly at the pies, but excused themselves:  "no,  I'm gluten-intolerant". Their demeanor changed as Gina explained, "Yes,  you can have this dessert,  it's wheat-free."    One by one,  these customers became Gina's Pies fans,  and were among the first to order holiday pies for their Thanksgiving table.   

Almost everyone knows someone or has a family member who has dietary restrictions:  gluten-free,  dairy free,  soy-free, nut-free.   The diet-challenged population is growing as young and old discover the improvements to their health and well-being connected with avoiding certain irritant foods.   They didn't choose this lifestyle--it chose them!


Gina started her business with the conviction that those people (including herself!) deserve a delicious,  flaky-crunchy-scrumptious dessert choice.   Try Gina's Pies desserts and share the love with the diet-challenged dear ones in your life.

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